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Intel poached Nvidia’s RTX and DLSS pioneer Anton Kaplanyan from Facebook

Intel added another important name to its graphics research work. Anton Kaplanyan, PhD in NVIDIA’s RTX and DLSS Development, there is Join Intel Former Vice President of Graphics Research in Intel AXG Group. Given his origin, Big Blue is likely to be looking for him to help develop the company’s own super sampling solution.When people think about his July 2020 paper on neural supersampling, This really paved the way for Intel’s related contributions.

Anton Kaplanyan invented the one-sample-per-pixel denoising method used by NVIDIA in its DLSS implementation, and was one of the first to integrate neural network and graphics technology. His previous work includes working at game developer Crytek (they once owned one of the most impressive game engines in the form of CryEngine); co-founding Lightrig, a company specializing in digital lighting and control; and then following up His RTX and DLSS promises on Nvidia. He eventually signed a contract with Facebook to directly cooperate with the company’s VR department to develop virtual reality graphics technology.

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