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Intel prepares 3nm GPU, server chip: rumors

Earlier this year Intel officially Confirm some of its 2023 CPU Will be manufactured by TSMC using unspecified manufacturing technology. New rumors from Taiwan indicate that Intel is preparing to use four products manufactured by TSMC’s N3 (3nm) node, and the lineup looks strange (perhaps impractical). In addition, production may be much earlier than expected, which is a very unlikely event. Since this is a rumor, it is best to read it carefully.

Four major products

Apple and Intel are It is expected to be one of the first companies to obtain TSMC’s N3 The manufacturing process sometime next year. Although we can make logical guesses about what Apple might do with N3, Intel’s plan remains largely a mystery.According to unofficial information from Taipei Economic DailyIntel is preparing a GPU and three server processors, which will be manufactured using TSMC’s N3 technology, which is a product lineup that looks strange (if not strange). Since the information may come from only one source, please treat it with caution.

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