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Intel shares an image of the shiny new Alder Lake CPU in its final form


Intel Vice President Gregory Bryant shared the first official picture Intel announced the new Alder Lake CPU on Twitter today. An Intel employee can be seen holding two Alder Lake chips, showing the front and back of a large CPU designed to be installed in a new, larger LGA 1700 socket. Although we have seen a lot of unofficial pictures of Alder Lake, the Twitter post strongly suggests that the new CPU is about to come out.

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Unfortunately, Kobe did not share or hint at the official release date of the new architecture, but at least he told us that it is “coming soon” and we can see the true appearance of the Alder Lake chip from a distance. Keep in mind that this image may be a marketing gimmick. Usually, a fully constructed CPU cannot be retrieved in the fab, so the person wearing the bunny suit in the photo may take the chip out of the retail package and show it off in Intel’s testing facility.


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