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Intel: The upcoming US wafer fab will be a small city, costing US$60 to US$120 billion

Intel revealed some additional details of its upcoming new fab complex in the United States. Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger stated that the new fab park will cost between 60 billion and 120 billion US dollars and will include multiple modules. , Able to use Intel’s wafer processing wafers. Advanced process technology and chip packaging facilities. The company’s goal is to build it close to the university to simplify the recruitment of new employees.

As part of IDM 2.0 strategyIntel will determine the exact location of its next major semiconductor manufacturing center in the United States before the end of this year. Pat Gelsinger said that the fab will include 6 to 8 modules, which will use the company’s leading manufacturing process to produce chips, will be able to use Intel’s EMIB and Foveros and other proprietary technologies to package chips, and will also run a dedicated power generation factory.Interview Washington post.

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