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Intel uses microcode update to disable TSX for more CPUs


Intel users will soon trade performance for security again.Fronix Report The latest microcode update will disable Intel Transaction Sync Extension (TSX) by default on the company’s 6th, 7th, and 8th generation processors. Disabling this feature should make these CPUs safer, but it is also expected to result in worse performance for tasks that benefit from using TSX.

Phoronix stated that these updates were caused by memory ordering issues in TSX.A kind white paper (PDF) indicates that Intel has been aware of the issue since June 2018, and the company issued a microcode update in October 2018 to address the vulnerability. Nevertheless, it took nearly three years to release an update that disables TSX by default. These updates are included in Intel Platform Update 2021.1, which debuted on June 8.


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