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Intel uses Tile design and 192 EUs to tease the 14th generation Meteor Lake CPU


Intel Meteor Lake (Image source: Intel)

Intel dropped several bombs on Intel’s accelerated webcast today.In addition to sharing the product roadmap to 2025 and New naming scheme for nodes, The chip maker also announced the design of its future Alder Lake, Meteor Lake, Sapphire Rapids and Granite Rapids processors.

Meteor Lake, Raptor LakeAlternatives to Intel will use a tile design, allowing Intel to attach different chips to the same chip. Like Granite Rapids, Meteor Lake is based on Intel’s 7nm node, which has been renamed “Intel 4”. However, this does not mean that all tiles are based on Intel 4. One of the advantages of tile design is that Intel can mix and match different process nodes.It is foreseeable that this chip maker will rely on its Foveros 3D packaging technology For Meteor Lake.


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