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Intel Xe-HPG DG2-128EU graphics card has a clock speed of 2,200 MHz

Intel has been preparing to launch its next-generation Xe series GPUs, codenamed DG2 (Discrete graphics card 2).It is built by Intel DG1, Hoping to significantly improve performance so that it can compete with Best graphics card From AMD and Nvidia. The assumed lineup of Xe-HPG configurations ranges from 128 to 512 execution units (EU).Today, according to Leaked Geekbench entry, DG2-128EU may have a clock speed of 2,200 MHz.

All results, including the frequency of reports, should be carefully considered before we confirm them with official specifications. Nevertheless, compared with DG1, the clock speed is increased by about 40%, and the additional EU, higher memory bandwidth and architecture updates can make it reach a higher level of performance.

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