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Intel’s Alder Lake CPU and DG2 GPU may power the NUC 12 mini PC

(Image credit: It’s never been perfect/Weibo)

After the recent launch Intel NUC 11 Extreme Edition (Beast Canyon), it is reported that Intel is developing its next NUC.A sort of Weibo users Shared the so-called specifications of NUC 12 enthusiasts, which may compete for a position on the list The best gaming computer.

The leaked slides were cut before the NUC 12 enthusiast’s code name appeared. From what we can see, it seems to say snakes, so NUC may be called Snake Canyon internally, but we are not sure. The information clearly states that the Federal Communications Commission has not yet signed NUC 12 Enthusiast, so the final design and specifications may be different. In fact, the Intel documentation does not even specify the size of the system.

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