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It is now expected that all Steam decks will be launched “after the second quarter of 2022”

Steam deck Customers will have to wait for their units to arrive. PCGamer today Report Valve updated the pre-order page for handheld gaming devices, stating that the availability of even entry-level models has declined to “after the second quarter of 2022.”

All three Steam Deck models-the base model with 64GB eMMC storage, the mid-range model with 256GB NVMe SSD, and the high-end model with 512GB NVMe SSD-are scheduled to ship in December When booking is open July 16.

However, Valve’s estimated availability window for these two high-end models quickly declines to 2022 and then to the second quarter of 2022.Now Booking page According to the Steam Deck website, all three models will be available sometime after that.

(Image source: Valve)

PCGamer pointed out that Valve has previously stated in which quarter it expects each Steam platform model to be available. Now the company has become more obscure. “After the second quarter of 2022” may mean any time from the third quarter to the heat death of the universe.

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