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It is said that the peak current of Alder Lake is 28% higher than Rocket Lake

FCPOWERUPAccording to reports, a Chinese media specializing in power supply evaluation shared Intel’s 12th generation power level requirements Alder Lake Bargaining chips.This publication has a very reliable record of leaks because it was the first publication to publish schematics and photos that were not released by Nvidia at the time. 12-pin PCIe power connector.

These forms appear to be derived from a confidential Intel document, which may be aimed at a power supplier. The information allegedly specifies the power supply recommendations for the 12V2 power rail that powers the processor. Interestingly, the table lists the specifications of 165W, 125W, 65W, and 35W processors.Intel has not ported Comet Lake Either Rocket Lake To the HEDT space, so we can ignore the 165W proposal. In addition, chip manufacturers are unlikely to launch Alder Lake in the HEDT format. In any case, some information must be retained.

The continuous current ratings of the Alder Lake 125W, 65W, and 35W SKUs are the same as those of Comet Lake and Rocket Lake. However, the peak current rating has increased by 28%. In electronic products, peak current refers to the maximum current consumption (usually at startup), and continuous current refers to the amount of current continuously supplied to the device.

Intel Alder Lake power requirements (Image source: FCPOWERUP/Weibo)

The transition from Rocket Lake to Alder Lake shows that the recommended peak current capacity of the 125W layer is 15% higher, the 65W layer is 28% higher, and the 35W layer is 24% higher. Again, it is important that only the peak current value rises and the continuous current value remains unchanged. This information is very important for power supply manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the power supply specifications of the upcoming Alder Lake chip.

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