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It would be great if you can buy AMD’s 4700S CPU independently

A kind South Korean YouTuber AMD’s 4700S Desktop Kit Pace through it. Although the kit is only available for OEMs, the chip manufacturer said that we expect as many as 80 different systems to be launched on the market soon.Based on what we have seen, it may not have any effect Best CPU The list, if only because it is only available as a complete kit.

Initially, it was speculated that the AMD 4700S was Recycled Xbox Series X APUHowever, the latest photos of the chip show a striking similarity to the APU (code name Ariel) inside the chip. Game console 5. AMD 4700S is soldered to the motherboard using A77E Fusion Controller Hub (code name Bolton-E4). A77E hub and AMD’s A9-9820, The chip that powers the Xbox One S. This little detail makes us believe that AMD 4700S is somewhat related to the Xbox Series X APU (codenamed Arden). However, AMD 4700S may be a defective chip and did not make it to PlayStation 5.

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