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Leaked pictures show that Thunderbolt 5 can reach 80 Gbps


During a recent visit to the Intel Israel Lab, Gregory M Bryant, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Client Computing Division, took some photos and then shared them on Twitter.According to Anandtech, one of the tweets (which were later deleted) appeared to display a poster on the office wall containing information about the unannounced Thunderbolt 5 protocol.

The poster says that Intel’s goal is “80G PHY technology”, which means it wants to achieve 80 Gbps connection, which will be twice the bandwidth of today Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4 connect. The poster also said that “USB 80G is designed to support the existing USB-C ecosystem”, which strongly suggests that Thunderbolt 5, like its predecessors, will use a USB-C connector.


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