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Lenovo’s Go wireless charging kit is like charging your laptop


The dream of wireless power and charging has always existed From the time of Nikola Tesla. But in the past few years, Qi charging in mobile phones and earplugs, smart watches and even Occasionally rat. Now Lenovo can add wireless charging to your laptop and use the appropriately named Go wireless charging kit.

As part of the new Lenovo Go series accessories, the series also includes an ergonomic keyboard and mouse decorated with cork. The Go wireless kit consists of two main parts. There is a medium-sized brushed nickel charging pad and a wireless charging strip with two pogo pins on the bottom. Power is transferred from the charging pad to your laptop. Lenovo said that the efficiency of carbonization is 93%, which means that very little heat is generated in the process.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

The charging bar is plugged into an available USB-C charging port and taped to the bottom of the laptop. Although the charging bar is quite thin (3.2 mm) and can actually help your laptop keep cool by lifting the back a bit for better airflow, Lenovo also makes it easy to remove when you are away from charging. Well, don’t want extra batches. In fact, sticking to the bottom of the laptop is a very slender plastic strip, and the charging part can be easily slid in and out. So you don’t need to keep it on your laptop all the time.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

After connecting the charging strip and inserting it into the USB-C port, charging the laptop is as easy as placing it on the charging pad, so that the two spring pins on the charging strip can be touched. The company stated that the kit should work with most 13-14 inch USB-C charging ports up to 65 watts (listed for Windows, Mac OS and Linux support). The kit’s press material stated that it does not support touch-screen laptops. But a Lenovo News representative told us that the main reason for the lack of official support for touch-sensitive laptops is that tapping and sliding on the laptop’s display may remove one of the pins from the mat and interrupt charging. Therefore, as long as you don’t use your index finger awkwardly when clicking and sliding, you may be able to use it on a touch-enabled laptop.


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