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Lenovo’s new webcam will not work on every monitor


The epidemic in many places may be easing, Best webcam It may be available most of the time, but this does not stop Lenovo from releasing two new 1080p webcams to take advantage of the trend of working from home. Of course, a mainstay like the Logitech C920 is easy to buy, and these cameras will require a lot of special features to compete. However, the Lenovo LC50 Monitor webcam and MC50 Monitor webcam are both very special and unlikely to have broad appeal.

(Image source: Lenovo)

Both webcams shoot at 1080p @ 30 fps, have 4x digital zoom, and are equipped with two built-in noise-cancelling microphones. They also use autofocus and have a 90-degree field of view. But this is normal. In the way they are built, you start to see how these webcams stand out from each other and the competition.

First of all, both webcams have privacy shutters. This is a standard feature of Lenovo laptop webcams, but it is less common on standalone cameras. They also have considerable tilt and rotation functions. They tilt up and down 30 degrees and rotate 45 degrees left and right. Each of them has a light that turns on during recording (Lenovo boasts that this is a unique feature, but it’s actually a fairly common inclusion). The special thing is how these cameras are physically connected to your monitor.

(Image source: Lenovo)

LC50 is magnetically connected to the display, while MC50 uses a special rail system that can be locked with an external key to prevent your webcam from being stolen. However, while these features provide additional practicality, they also severely limit the displays you can use with these webcams. The magnet will never connect to any monitor in my home office, and the rail of the MC50 must have a Lenovo monitor to connect.

(Image source: Lenovo)

Another question is how useful it is to lock the webcam to the display to prevent theft. I think stealing an entire monitor from the office might be more conspicuous than stealing a webcam?

In any case, it is encouraging to see companies trying to install external webcams, which do not require the typical and always clumsy foot method. Lenovo expects to launch the LC50 Monitor webcam at a price of US$79 from September this year, and launch the MC50 Monitor webcam at a price of US$99 sometime in the third quarter of this year.


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