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Libre-SOC released the first non-IBM OpenPOWER chip in ten years


This Libre-SOC projectA team composed of engineers and creative roles aims to provide a completely open system-on-chip, and today released the layout sent by the team for chip manufacturing based on OpenPOWER-based processors. The Libre-SOC processor currently being manufactured on TSMC’s 180 nm node is a huge achievement in many respects. In order to obtain the tape-out, the Libre-SOC team was accompanied by engineers from Chips4Makers and Sorbonne Universit√© funded by the NLnet Foundation.

The Libre-SOC chip is based on IBM’s OpenPOWER instruction set architecture (ISA) and is a milestone achievement in open source hardware. It is also the first independent OpenPOWER chip manufactured outside of IBM in 12 years. Every component, from hardware design files, documentation, mailing lists to software, is open source, designed to conform to the spirit and philosophy of open source.


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