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Limited-edition Asus Gundam RTX GPU sold in miners by retailers


The market is still faltering in the months after a few months Best graphics card Sell ​​directly to the mining business, not to mention that the scalpers are jumping around on most of the available graphics cards, just wanting to make a profit easily. Now, to make matters worse, a Vietnamese retailer has successfully subdued the legendary Asus Gundam, making it a poor slave in prefabricated mining equipment. Oh, how low the hero has fallen.

As the market begins to replace existing RTX graphics cards with Lite Hash-Rate (LHR) graphics cards, some brave miners are still investing in mining equipment. For those people, non-LHR cards are the most important. Therefore, some retailers hope to take advantage of the remaining mining demand by pooling as many non-LHR GPUs as possible and sell them as part of pre-built mining equipment.


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