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Lists Intel Alder Lake-P and M processor power limits


With the arrival of the 12th-generation Intel Core processor code-named Alder Lake, we hope to see many new technologies packed into one package.Today, according to Core boot Patch (via Dream of coelacanth), we saw some first-hand information about the different power states and power limit 4 (PL4) levels of the upcoming Alder Lake-M and Alder Lake-P designs.

Coreboot is an open source solution designed to replace millions of proprietary BIOS implementations. This project aims to boot 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems on bare metal (ie, hardware) with minimal functionality, making it a lightweight alternative to BIOS. Today, the latest patch of this software project brings us some information about the Power Limit 4 (PL4) of the Alder Lake P/M processor, which is different from the previous generation Tiger Lake it is replacing.


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