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Look out for the steam deck! Competitors provide 5-GHz CPU, 1TB SSD


If you feel frustrated for a long time Estimated delivery time for Valve steam deck Or you just want something more flexible, GPD’s upcoming WIN Max 2021 mini gaming laptop can meet your needs.Current sequel GPD win maximum, WIN Max 2021 started Indiegogo’s round of financing techyorrow, the price will start at $999, and the price will be $1,250 after the event. This is much more expensive than the starting price of $399 for the Steam platform, but WIN Max 2021 does have some tricks, including 1TB of SSD storage and optional Intel Core i7-1195G7 CPU, which can be upgraded to 5-GHz.

Unlike Steam Deck, GPD WIN Max 2021 is a clamshell device. When you lift the screen, you will not only see the common game console controller buttons (a pair of joysticks imitating the Xbox 360 controller design, arrow buttons, ABXY input and shoulder buttons are available), but also the backlit QWERTY Keyboard and trackpad. This means you can use it as a purely handheld console, or even as a stopgap measure for actual productivity, until you can use a laptop or desktop PC.


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