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Loongson launches next-generation 3A5000 CPU

Chinese CPU developer Loongson officially launched the next-generation 3A5000 CPU based on the company’s proprietary micro-architecture. The company stated that, compared to previous generations, the new processor for client PCs offers up to 50% performance improvement at lower power consumption, which may make it better than CPUs developed by leading designers. Competitive.

The Loongson 3A5000/LS3A5000 processor is a quad-core CPU with a working frequency of 2.30 GHz-2.50 GHz.The cores are superscalar, each core has four general-purpose ALUs and two 256-bit vector operation units, report Science and Technology PostThe kernel is based on the LoongArch GS464V instruction set architecture, Reported to have nearly 2,000 proprietary instructionsIn addition to the basic ISA, LoongArch also supports binary conversion extension instructions (LBT), vector processing extension instructions (LSX), advanced vector processing extension instructions (LASX) and virtualization extension instructions.

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