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Magnetic levitation switch feels like typing in the air


Throughout The history of mechanical keyboards, One thing almost remained stable-the switch. colour And materials come and go, but we are basically typing on the technology of the 1970s, and it would be great if we get something more modern at our fingertips instead of endless Cherry clones.from Hacker’s mind is risky, As found Hacker day, It uses some obvious 21st century technology.

All this works through magnets. When you press the switch, you separate the two magnets and their polarities are set to attract each other. The third magnet set to repel pushes the switch back to its original position again after the key is pressed. Button sensing relies on the Hall effect-the change in magnetic field strength is picked up by the sensor, and once the magnetic field reaches a preset strength, the sensor will emit its own voltage. Since all this is done with magnets, there is no contact between the moving parts, so there is less wear.


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