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Mechanical switch specification range and those pesky plus and minus signs


So you finally decided Build your own mechanical keyboard And is looking for the perfect mechanical switch for your picky fingers. Or, you may be looking for a pre-made keyboard and carefully read the available switch options. The specification sheet seems simple: it includes a measurement of the total stroke of the switch, a measurement of the pre-stroke distance, and a measurement of the force required to activate the switch. But what is this? Since taking math class, you have never encountered the “±” symbol.Suddenly, you realize that the pre-travel of the switch is not just 2.2 mm, but range The value of “2.2 ± 0.6mm”.

Although many people in the industry, from keyboard enthusiasts to keyboard and switch manufacturers and partners, simplify switch specifications to specific numbers, if you look closely, you will find that many switch specifications are actually written to cover a range of measurements .


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