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Microsoft announces Windows 11: new user interface, productivity and gaming features


The official version of Windows 11.

Microsoft announced the new operating system at a live event today. The new version of Windows has made some changes to the aesthetics and adopted a more touch-friendly design.

The new operating system will be on sale this holiday, and Insider Build will be on sale next week. As long as Windows 10 users meet the minimum system requirements, Windows 11 can be upgraded for free.

Chief Product Officer Panos Panay calls it “Windows that brings you closer to the things you love.”

Windows 11 has a redesigned “Start” menu and a button in the center of the taskbar.The menu is more like a launcher, similar to what was first shown in earlier images and demos Windows 10X(Windows 10X was eventually cancelled and merged into this project).

“Windows has always represented the sovereignty of creators and the agency of consumers…” Nadella said. “With Windows 11, we have a new understanding of the role of Windows in the world.” He positioned the new operating system as an open system, contrary to Apple’s walled garden, trying to please developers.

“We are building for the next decade and beyond.”

In about 45 minutes, Microsoft showed off some new productivity features, game upgrades, and some major changes to its store.

Productivity on Windows 11

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

Snap Groups is a new feature that keeps your Windows in place when docked and undocked. Carmen Zlateff, Partner Director of Windows User Experience, announced the change.

Zlateff also showed a new desktop experience, with alternate wallpapers for better separation.

In addition, Teams will be directly integrated into Windows to make video calls easier.

Panay showcased Widgets, a feed “powered by AI” that can show you weather, news, sports scores, and other functions. The widget allows you to choose topics of interest, including local news, and even the creator of the prompts displayed in it.

Product marketing director Phillip McClure demonstrated the touch experience, including larger touch targets, new visual cues, gestures and animations, which all make the tablet mode better. The gestures are the same as those in the Windows touchpad.

In addition, Windows 11 will include tactile feel for use with a stylus. There is also a new keyboard that looks more like a mobile phone and can be used with one hand and swipe gestures. McClure also promises to improve voice input, it will automatically punctuate you.


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