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Microsoft Paint and Photos have a new look in Windows 11 style

Microsoft gave us a First look Enter the UI redesign of its drawing and photo application.These applications abandoned the current Ribbon style UI introduced in Windows 7 and replaced it with a new fluent design language Windows 11.

Microsoft plans to replace all the applications built into Windows with this new fluent design language, including applications like Notepad that you would not expect. Microsoft’s goal of the new UI changes is to bring uniformity to Windows 11 to ensure that all applications built into Windows 11 feel the same and look the same.

(Image source: Microsoft)

The new design aesthetics of the Microsoft Paint application can be seen in the current Windows 10 version. All icons have been updated to adopt a circular design and black and white theme to match the beauty of Windows 11.

The disappearance of the ribbon is also obvious. The file, view, save, and arrow buttons have simpler but modern themes, and there are no visible edges or boxes around text and icons.

MS Paint and Photos Windows 11 refresh

(Image source: Microsoft)

Compared with the Paint application, the changes to the Microsoft Photo application are more significant. The static bar at the top of the image is gone, replaced by a floating bar with all the tools, such as zoom in, delete, favorites, crop, etc.

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