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Microsoft releases Windows 365 cloud operating system


Microsoft today released Windows 365, a cloud-based operating system that can be provided to corporate users as a service. The new Windows 365 product effectively provides an instance of Windows 10 or Windows 11 according to the needs of the enterprise, and will effectively enable users to have their own personal operating system-including settings, applications and data-directly from Microsoft’s Azure cloud Medium streaming in exchange for monthly payment. It will start on August 2nd.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said: “With Windows 365, we are creating a new category: Cloud PC.” Essentially, users only need to have the hardware available to access their unique cloud instance-because all data is stored in the cloud, There is no need to copy settings, applications, or even files across multiple devices-for example, you can terminate an instance of Windows 365 on your desktop, and then continue working on your laptop during your commute. Microsoft said this will enable users to work more efficiently from anywhere, without affecting their overall user experience. Microsoft promises to provide an instant start experience-which makes sense, because the only content handled by the local hardware will be Windows 365 streaming. The available processing power of the Windows 365 instance will be able to be expanded according to the user’s specific usage scenarios and needs-and the same is true for storage capabilities.

Microsoft is using a zero-trust security paradigm and complete cloud storage to assure customers that their data is always safe.


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