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Microsoft succumbed to investor pressure to make equipment easier to repair

Under pressure from shareholders and environmental non-profit organizations, Microsoft has agreed to study and promote independent maintenance of its equipment. This is a great victory for restoring sports rights.

The company produces devices including the Surface series of computers and Xbox, and has reached an agreement with As You Sow, a non-profit investor advocacy organization focused on environmental advocacy. Grist First report. June, as you wish Propose a resolution The Microsoft board of directors is required to prepare a “report on the environmental and social benefits of making it easier for consumers and independent repair shops to repair company equipment.”

According to the agreement, As You Sow will withdraw the resolution and Microsoft will go beyond the initial requirements. In the press release, As You Sow stated that Microsoft will work with third parties to study the environmental and social impacts of making devices easier to repair, and “identify new mechanisms to increase repair opportunities, including Surface devices and Xbox game consoles,” and to consumers The provider provides some parts and repair documentation, not just an authorized service provider.

According to the press release, the company will take action “by the end of 2022.”

Kelly McBee, As You Sow’s waste program coordinator, said in the press release: “This is an encouraging step that Microsoft has taken in response to the surge in federal and state activity in remediation campaign rights.” “What’s exciting is that, The agreement will begin to allow consumers to repair their Microsoft devices outside of a limited network of authorized repair shops.”

“Microsoft is committed to designing our products to meet the needs and demands of customers in high-end devices, including improving the repairability of the devices,” a Microsoft spokesperson told techy’s hardware“We believe that customers have the right to obtain safe and reliable repair options. We currently provide customers with repair services to ensure high-quality repairs, protect customers’ privacy and safety, and protect customers from harm.” The spokesperson also pointed out, The company’s Sustainability Report More information about environmental health and safety and repairability.

Similar shareholder resolutions have been submitted to Apple and tractor manufacturer Deere & Co.

iFixit, produces repair guides (and sells tool kits) for many devices, Say on twitter The agreement was “significant” and put Grist’s story on the homepage.

The agreement was announced shortly after the release of Microsoft’s latest Surface device, which includes Surface Laptop Studio with Surface Pro 8In the past few years, although its laptops require more manual operations, Microsoft has made the storage drives on its tablets easier to remove through easy-to-open doors.The company told techy’s hardware Customers replacing the SSD on their own will void their warranty because Microsoft only intends to allow authorized service providers to make changes or repairs.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S are not designed to be opened by the owner. Instead, Microsoft relies on dedicated external drives sold by Seagate to add more storage space.

Some others have taken the opposite approach.Start frame Made a laptop designed to allow users to upgrade over time.

More than half of the states in the U.S. The right to fix the legislation is being studied, so if the company does not agree to research on its own, the government may force this issue.

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