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Nanoxia builds a new chassis that can accommodate dual E-ATX motherboards


Nano oxygen has Just announced A new dual-system PC case capable of accommodating dual E-ATX motherboards in one of the largest cases we have seen. This box measures 19.6′ x 17.3′ x 23′ and can handle almost anything you throw. Whether it’s 18 hard drives, 480mm raiders and custom loops, or full-size graphics cards for both systems.

The chassis is mainly designed for dual-system streaming media, one of the chambers holds your main game console, and the other chamber holds your streaming system. However, the chassis can also be configured as a single system chassis, with one chamber housing your main components and another chamber housing a bunch of other equipment, such as hard drives and heat sinks for custom circuits.

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(Image source: Nanoxia)
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Nanoxia dual system streaming media case

(Image source: Nanoxia)


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