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NBMiner partially cracked Nvidia’s anti-mining limiter and restored 70% performance on Ampere LHR GPU

Nvidia may think it has definitely stopped Ethereum mining GeForce RTX 30 series (Ampere) The introduction of graphics cards Reduced hash rate (LHR) series. NBMiner is a popular mining software, it has found part of Nvidia’s solution Enhanced anti-mining limiter.

The latest version NBMiner (pass Graphics card) It debuted today and brought a very interesting hack. According to the update log, the tool can restore up to 70% of the mining performance on the Ampere LHR graphics card. This is only a partial bypass, but NBMiner is doing something, so we cannot give up the possibility of a complete solution. Sadly, miners may pay attention to the LHR series in this new development. This is bad news for gamers, as another shortage may be coming.

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