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New USB logo shows up to 240W charging capacity

Earlier this year, USB-IF introduced USB Power Delivery Specification 3.1, which supports Provide 240W power through USB Type-C cable and connectorAlthough increasing the power supply capability of USB-C is a boon for users (when the device is actually available), finding a USB cable that supports the desired combination of functions can be confusing.To solve this problem, USB-IF has Unveil Logos that will be placed on the packaging of certified USB chargers, cables, and devices to clearly indicate their functions.

From now on, certified USB Type-C cables will have a logo highlighting the ability to support 60W or 240W power transmission. Another sign will emphasize the supported data transfer rate (for example, 40Gbps in some cases) USB 4 Product), and the third one will reveal the data transmission rate and power transmission capability. The charger that supports 240W also has a new logo.

“With the higher power capabilities supported by the USB PD 3.1 specification and unlocking up to 240W of power through USB Type-C cables and connectors, USB-IF sees an opportunity to further strengthen and simplify its certification marking program for end users. “USB -Said Jeff Ravencraft, President and COO of IF. “With our updated logo, consumers can easily recognize the USB4 performance and USB power supply capabilities of certified USB-C cables that support the ever-expanding consumer electronics ecosystem from laptops and smartphones to displays and chargers. “

(Image source: USB-IF)

The logo will only be placed on the packaging of certified cables, mainframes and chargers. However, there are many products that can provide these specifications, but manufacturers will not spend time or money to obtain certification. However, if you want to have confidence in the functionality of a cable, charger, or device, look for these marks.

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