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Newegg’s new PC building services may hold the rare component inventory behind the pre-assembled paywall


Newegg’s new ENIAC PC assembly service allows you to source parts from Newegg’s entire inventory to purchase custom pre-assembled versions, but it may also mean that the company will retain any rare components that have not been purchased through ENIAC. Although named after the first programmable electronic computer, this is definitely not the first customized PC service we have seen. But it may be the most powerful because it has a wider range of options than Maingear or iBuyPower, and it is easier to access than Microcenter’s store pickup service.However, it is not clear how it will be used with rare components such as Best graphics card, It may even interfere with purchasing these components separately.

ENIAC is the natural follow-up to Newegg Computer generator Service where Global launch In August of last year. PC Builder works like Part picker Because it allows you to build a list of compatible components for a hypothetical PC. Therefore, ENIAC’s goal is to enable you to turn hypothetical constructions into reality without having to assemble all the components yourself. According to ENIAC Q&A page On Newegg’s website, orders that you pay Newegg for pre-assembly will be shipped within “7-10 working days.”


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