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Noctua points out Intel’s Alder Lake availability schedule

Earlier this year, Noctua stated that it will provide owners of existing cooler installation kits for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake processor code-named LGA1700 package free of charge.Company of the week Reiterate It promised and stated that its installation kit will be available in mid-October. Indirectly, Noctua may have revealed the availability schedule for Intel’s next-generation desktop CPUs.

Noctua’s LGA1700 installation kit will enable owners to use most of the company’s heat sinks with Intel’s upcoming 12th-generation Core CPUs. The company stated that even the cooler released in 2005 can be upgraded. Perhaps more interesting is when Noctua’s kits will be shipped. According to Noctua, these kits will be available for sale on Amazon in mid-October, and the recommended service fee is US$7.90/7.90 Euro.

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