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Noctua prepares LGA4189 cooler for Intel Ice Lake-SP CPU


Night owl recently debuted route map Indicates that the company is developing coolers for Intel processors in the LGA4189 package. Given Noctua’s business, at least some of these coolers may target workstations powered by Intel Ice Lake-SP CPUs. The company seems to be also developing a desktop fan to cool humans.

The roadmap did not disclose any specifications of Noctua’s upcoming heat sinks for Intel’s LGA4189 processor, but said they will be available in the third quarter of this year. The slide also did not reveal how many LGA4189 SKUs Noctua plans to launch in the next few months.

Currently, only Intel’s third-generation Xeon Scalable “Ice Lake-SP” and “Cooper Lake” CPUs use this form factor. Nevertheless, since the latter is only available to specific customers, Noctua’s LGA-4189 processor cooler will be mainly aimed at the former chip that can power servers and workstations. At the same time, it remains to be seen whether Intel decides to provide a special version of its Ice Lake-SP for high-end desktops (HEDT).

(Image source: Noctua)

Noctua is definitely not a newcomer to coolers designed for enterprise CPUs, including AMD’s EPYC and Ryzen Threadripper, Intel’s Xeon Scalable, and even Intel Xeon Phi.There is no Noctua Server and workstation radiator Designed for rack-mounted servers (most EPYC and Xeon are used in them); instead, they are aimed at desktop workstations. In other words, it seems that Noctua is developing at least one LGA4189 cooler for desktop computers.At the same time, due to Cooler At work, perhaps Noctua will also solve the rack server problem.


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