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Noctua’s all-black Chromax radiator arrives in time, suitable for LGA1700 CPU


Just in time for Intel’s upcoming The 12th generation core “Alder Lake” processor, Owl has introduce Its brand-new all-black cooling system is suitable for LGA1700 CPU. The new Noctua NH-U12A cooler promises to combine high performance, quiet operation and a color scheme that is more suitable for most architectural themes than the company’s typical beige and brown aesthetics.

Owl’s NH-U12A It is a classic high-performance air cooler for CPU, with a large aluminum radiator, copper base, seven thick heat pipes and two 120mm NX-A12x25 PWM fans. The fan can rotate between approximately 450 and 2000 RPM and produce a maximum airflow of 102.1 m3/hm while maintaining a fairly low noise level, reportedly as high as 22.6 dBA. When equipped with a fan, the cooler weighs 1220 grams and is 158 mm high, so you need a fairly spacious chassis.

(Image source: Noctua)

NH-U12A is also equipped with Novtua’s SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting system, which is compatible with all modern Intel (LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA2011, LGA2066) and most AMD sockets (AM4, AM3, AM2, FM1, FM2).

Noctua traditionally does not list the thermal design power ratings of its CPU coolers, but instead mentions its own standardized performance rating (NSPR). Noctua NH-U12A has Chapter 169 Rating, slightly below NH-D15, Designated as 183 NSPR.

(Image source: Noctua)

To solve Alder Lake-based builds (or any new builds or upgrades with black as the preferred color), Noctua is freed Four products: NH-U12A CPU cooling system, all black NF-A12x25 120-mm PWM fan (with a bundle of pluggable red, white, blue, green, gray, yellow, black Anti-vibration pad), and NA-HC7 and NA-HC8 radiator covers.

(Image source: Noctua)

“We know that our customers have been eagerly waiting for these products, and we would love to get them out early, but first we had to spend some extra time to ensure that we can exactly match the brown performance, Noctua CEO Roland Mossig explained Said that due to the global pandemic, various supply chain issues have further delayed the occurrence of things. “For products that have been fine-tuned to the smallest details, the seemingly simple things such as creating different color versions may end. [up] Surprisingly tricky, but now that all of this is solved, we are very happy to finally be able to provide our customers with these long-awaited products”


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