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Nvidia announces more RTX and DLSS games on Gamescom 2021

Nvidia today Via blog post Announcing a veritable series of upcoming games and supporting the company’s proprietary games DLSS Technology and Ray tracing, Either at the time of release or through development updates.The monopoly of high-end technologies by green companies may be being challenged AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (AMD FSR) And upcoming Intel XeSSHowever, NVIDIA is riding on the momentum of becoming the first adopter, leveraging its relationship with game developers and game engines to provide DLSS support for as many games as possible before its competitors flood the market with their own solutions .

Although Nvidia may take this opportunity to promote its advantages in the field of ray tracing, AMD users should not have any obstacles when activating the ray tracing effect on their RX 6000 series graphics cards-ray tracing itself is not proprietary, unlike DLSS .However, as we have shown in our observations Nvidia and AMD ray tracing, Nvidia does provide excellent ray tracing performance overall, and DLSS is not enabled.

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