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Nvidia provides slim RTX A2000 GPU for ultra-thin workstations

Nvidia announced the launch of a new RTX A2000 desktop GPU, entering its A-series workstation lineup, with 6GB of memory and a low-profile form factor. This GPU will be a new mid-range product launched by Nvidia for the workstation market, using the latest Ampere architecture and the second-generation RT core and the third-generation Tensor core.Don’t compare this new A2000 with the one already released Mobile variant.

We don’t have much information about this new GPU, so we can only speculate on its performance. We only know the name, A2000 will be equipped with 6GB of GDDR6 memory. The 6GB frame buffer may mean that we are looking at our first workstation GPU based on the Nvidia GA106 chip, which is the same as the RTX 3060 12GB chip. If it is true, we can configure up to 3840 CUDA cores with a theoretical maximum output power of 170W.

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