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Nvidia’s Jensen Huang will receive SIA’s 2021 Robert N. Noyce Award

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) Announce On Thursday, Nvidia CEO and co-founder Huang Renxun will receive the organization’s Robert Noyce Award. One of the most prestigious awards in the industry is to recognize Huang’s contribution to the entire semiconductor industry, especially to the acceleration of computing.

Jensen Huang founded Nvidia in 1993, and the company has been focusing on advancing 3D graphics and games for many years. Around 2001~2002, the company began to publicly consider general-purpose processing on the graphics processing unit (GPGPU). At the time, due to the limitations of Nvidia’s Kelvin, Rankine, and Curie architectures and the lack of application programming interfaces (APIs) in the early 2000s, this idea was not popular. But with the Tesla architecture launched in 2006, the company introduced its CUDA platform, GPGPU API and tool set. Nvidia’s CUDA GPU quickly became a popular accelerator for high-performance computing (HPC) applications, even powering some of the world’s fastest supercomputers in the 2000s and 2010s.

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