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NVIDIA’s new HGX A100 powers AI


Nvidia’s powerful A100 GPU Will be part of its HGX AI supercomputing platform (California graphics processing giant) Announce Today, new technologies including 80GB memory modules, 400G Infiniband network and Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage software have also been added.

(Image source: Nvidia)

A100, recently demonstrated its ampere-powered muscles to surpass Titan V as The most powerful GPU In the OctaneBench benchmark test, there are two forms: one is 40GB HBM2E, and the other is 80GB. Larger models have the widest memory bandwidth in the world, transferring more than 2 TB per second. Built on the 7nm process, you will get 54.2 billion transistors arranged into 6912 shading units, 432 texture mapping units, 160 ROPs and 432 tensor cores.


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