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One RGB App to Rule Them All? Hands On With WhirlwindFX SignalRGB Software


It’s easier than ever to find components, peripherals and accessories that feature RGB lighting. In fact, it’s often harder to find PC parts without them. The hard part is making all those RGB glow in harmony, at least if they aren’t all made by the same company. Manufacturers have to decide if they’re going to offer their own lighting app, support an established synchronization platform (say, Asus’ Armoury Crate or Razer’s Chroma RGB), or just leave customers with a few preset effects to choose from and be done with it. 

WhirlwindFX seeks to change that with SignalRGB sofware. The platform is supposed to make it easy to sync RGB lighting across devices regardless of their manufacturer, and the company regularly adds support for new hardware and releases new software integrations that can make an entire setup respond to in-game events. Users can submit their own lighting effects, too, and everything is managed through the central SignalRGB app.


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