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Patriot admits that the performance will not be affected by swapping parts on VPN100 SSD


Although far from one of them The best solid state drive, Viper VPN100 It is an excellent value-for-money solid state drive.Unfortunately, this drive recently used Reddit Headline news, because consumers find it has different components from advertising.Patriot official statement techy’s hardware Explain the reasoning behind the component swap.

A Redditor recently purchased one of Patriot’s Viper VPN100 2TB SSDs. To his surprise, the drive comes with Phison’s E12S SSD controller and 512MB DRAM. This undoubtedly caused alarm, because SSD not only uses a different SSD controller, but also reduces DRAM by 1/4. In contrast, the original Viper VPN100 2TB used Phison E12 SSD controller and had 2GB of DRAM.


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