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PC and PC component terminology definition: Tom’s Hardware Glossary


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Keeping up with the latest PC technology is difficult, but if you don’t understand all the jargons you encounter while reading articles and spec sheets, it’s too difficult.from CPU arrive GPU And their internal operations, Motherboard and its different parts, different Display technology and type With phrases created by vendors, you may get into technical terminology confusion.

This is why we developed this convenient vocabulary. With the following information, you can understand the meaning of commonly used but often confusing technical terms or refresh your memory. Over time, we will add to the vocabulary, because we will find more PC terms and phrases that make us scratch our heads… so you don’t have to do this.


Sharon Harding

Scharon Harding is the senior editor of techy’s points. She has a special affinity for gaming peripherals (especially monitors), laptops and virtual reality. Prior to this, Scharon reported on business technology in Channelnomics, including hardware, software, network security, cloud and other IT events, and published his signature on CRN UK.


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