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PCIe 5.0 power connector provides up to 600W of power for next-generation AMD and Nvidia GPUs

As graphics cards consume more and more power, there is a need to develop new power connectors. Igor’s Laboratory Shared the schematic diagram of the high-power PCIe 5.0 power connector, which may make its debut on the next generation of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

The 12VHPWR power connector has a total of 16 pins, 4 more than Nvidia 12-pin PCIe power connectorThere are 12 power contacts and 4 smaller signal contacts at the bottom of the connector. The 12VHPWR power connector is built specifically for PCIe 5.0 and is not backward compatible with previous generations of standards. This new connector is designed to eliminate the use of multiple PCIe power connectors and eliminate cable clutter in the process. Manufacturers do not need to equip the graphics card with up to three 8-pin PCIe power connectors, but only need to implement a 12VHPWR power connector.

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