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PCIe 6.0 specification in the final draft: 128 GBps

PCI-SIG this week Announce The PCIe 6.0 specification has reached the final draft status, which is an important milestone that officially marks the completion of development. All system-on-chips that comply with PCIe 6.0 version 0.9 specification will comply with the final 1.0 version of the technology. The only question is which applications actually require PCIe Gen6.

PCIe Gen6 will increase the data transfer rate from 32 GT/s of PCIe Gen5 and 16 GT/s of PCIe Gen4 to 64 GT/s per pin, but will maintain backward compatibility with existing hardware. The new technology allows up to 128 GB of data to be transferred per second in each direction via the x16 interface.

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