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Pimoroni teases RP2040-powered PicoSystem gaming equipment


Pimoroni once said Pico system Handheld gaming devices are “coming soon” because Raspberry Pico Released on January 21. It now seems that the debut of the mini-console may be really near, because today the head of Pimoroni software Phil Howard posted to Twitter two videos demonstrating the operation of the device.

PicoSystem is based on RP2040 System on Chip (SoC) passed Raspberry Pico Standard dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ processor, 264KB SRAM and 2MB flash memory, but PicoSystem is likely to be equipped with more storage space. Pimoroni hides the RP2040 SoC in a box about the size of the Game Boy Micro. It has an arrow key, four buttons, a square display and a lithium polymer battery with USB-C charging function. The company has not disclosed much information about PicoSystem. The display size is unknown, but we know that the resolution of the IPS screen is 240 x 240 pixels.

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