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PS5 SSD upgrade temperature test: Do you even need a heat sink?

With the latest firmware, Sony allows you to add your own M.2 SSD to Game console 5 To supplement the internal storage of the console. After installing NVMe SSD in PS5, you can use the extra space for games and media files. But do you need to add a radiator like Sony recommends? We will answer this question in detail below, but in short, you can do it without it.

Given that the PS5’s internal storage space is limited to 825GB, and the operating system has taken up a lot of space, you may reach the storage limit with only a few games installed.Add a fast NVMe drive, preferably one of them The best solid state drive, Solve this problem, unless you want to install dozens of titles on your console, you don’t have to worry about more space.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

You cannot install any M.2 NVMe SSD in PS5. There are some restrictions, the most important thing is that you must make sure you are using the latest firmware, otherwise the console will not start!so First, Update the firmware and Then Install the solid state drive.

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