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Quantum computing on a chip: ready for the revolution


At the moment of victory, people were hailed as the equivalent of shifting from room-scale silicon technology to desktop-sized machines. Quantum computing has now reached the chip level -From room-scale installations you might see elsewhere, including science fiction.

The development is led by a collaboration between Cambridge quantum expert Riverlane and Digital Quantum Corporation in New York and London InquireThey are the first to deploy quantum computing chips with integrated operating systems for workflow and qubit management (qubits are comparable to transistors in classical computing, but can be paired with each other, share information instantly through quantum states, and can also Represents 0 and 1). The last time we achieved this level of miniaturization in computing technology, we started the computing revolution. Now that the expectations of the quantum revolution are also on the table, the world will have to adapt to the new reality.

These quantum computers (here, as seen in Devs) are taking the path of the Dodo. (Image source: FXP/DNA TV)

The new chip introduces scalable quantum computing, and the two companies hope to expand the design by increasing the surface area and the number of qubits. The goal is to reach millions of qubits, a far cry from the largest (relatively trivial but still very complex) 76-qubit system currently deployed, which enables China to claim quantum supremacy. Of course, in addition to increasing the number of qubits, there are other ways to expand. Deploying multiple chips in a single independent system or through multiple interconnected systems can provide a simpler way to achieve quantum coherence. To this end, quantum operating systems are essential. Enter Deltaflow.OS.

Dataflow.OS can expose quantum mechanics in an abstract management interface.

Dataflow.OS can expose quantum mechanics in an abstract management interface. (Image source: Riverland)

Deltaflow.OS is a hardware and platform-independent operating system (think Linux, it fills everything from smartphones to the Internet of Things to supercomputers), which means that it can be used as a variety of things currently being pursued worldwide Control mechanism of quantum deployment technology. Even when multiple independent companies (such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM, etc.) are pursuing the holy grail of quantum supremacy, Riverlane’s Deltaflow.OS is an open source, Github-available operating system, and it is adopting an open approach to market penetration.


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