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Raspberry Pi 4 8​​GB secretly updated

In Broadcom SoC Raspberry Pi 4 Type B already Update quietly match Raspberry Pi 400, According to the app developer in St. Louis (and more importantly, Send actors and guests) Jeff Green.

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SoC from Raspberry Pi 400

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SoC of Pi 4 Model B

(Image source: Raspberry Pi Foundation)

Geerling noticed this change after purchasing a new 8GB model Raspberry Pi 4 to replace the damaged motherboard, and found that a character in the model number on one of the chips had changed.this BCM2711 It is the SoC (System on Chip), the entire brain of the Raspberry Pi, including its CPU, GPU, and PCIe link to the USB port. Previously, its model number ended with B0T, but the model number of Geerling’s new baby ended with C0T, which is consistent with the model used in the Raspberry Pi 400 SoC.

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