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Raspberry Pi 4 controls 160 TB Chia Farm


If one thing is share What has been done since its establishment (in addition to pushing up the price of hard drives) is spawning many DIY projects aimed at improving agricultural energy efficiency. But then again, if one is going through a personal computing project, why not make it as interesting as possible?That’s it YouTuber LithiumSolar Has been completed, by reusing Raspberry Pi 4 Use 4 GB RAM as the brain of 160 TB Chia Farm.

Chia is a cryptocurrency that uses proof of time and space. It occupies other available hard drive space and comes with proof (named plots as if they are plots) to maintain Chia’s security and blockchain cohesion.Although the drawing process (drawing creation) is important to both the CPU and storage in its performance requirements, The agricultural elements of the equation (Your plots are left unused on your hard drive until they are called as evidence of the generation of new Chia blocks) Its computational requirements are very light.This opened up a series of DIY projects, making ubiquitous and extremely versatile Raspberry Pi 4 serves as the center of its Chia farm.


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