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Raspberry Pi 4A can skip USB 3 and has PCIe port


This Raspberry Pi 4 B It has been on the market for more than two years. During this period, we have seen many new related models on the shelves, including 8GB Raspberry Pi 4, A Computing module 4 with Raspberry Pi 400, It is basically the Pi 4 inside the keyboard. However, there is still no Raspberry Pi 4A to replace Raspberry Pi 3A+.

However, according to raspberry pie The company’s CEO and founder Eben Upton has a lot of ideas about 4 Model A (aka 4A), and if it weren’t for the ongoing chip shortage, it might even have built one. Upton joined the latest episode of our Pi-centric weekly podcast, techy’s hardware: Pi Cast And provided us with some clues about what Raspberry Pi 4 A can include and exclude, as well as the price point he hopes to achieve.


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