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Raspberry Pi CM4 for customizing a copy of Nintendo Switch Lite

Small size and processing power Raspberry Pi CM4 Make it the first choice for many developers who want to create a custom handheld console. Today we have another impressive CM4-driven handheld device to share, this one was created by a manufacturer called StonedEdge.After a year of design and construction, they and a friend successfully created a Nintendo Switch Lite replica A CM4 running RetroPie is called RetroLite CM4.

As of now, the project has not been open source, but the manufacturer has considered using it for the future. Until then, curious groups are still welcome to take a closer look at the build process and internal components if they seek to create their own similar content.

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(Image source: Gareth Halfacree)
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(Image source: Gareth Halfacree)

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