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Raspberry Pi compute module 4 gets native SATA support


Raspberry Pi OS now has SATA support built into the kernel.Before you rush to remove the hard drive from your PC and connect it to your Pi, there is a question: you need one Computing module 4 Instead of standard 4B Either 400 Role model. You cannot start from it now. YouTuber and Jeff Geerling (partially responsible for adding) have a Insightful blog post About this, and the video article embedded below.

In practice, this means that the Raspberry Pi OS built on Debian Linux now supports almost all PCI Express SATA adapters-this kind of bus is not found outside the computing module version of Pi 4, even if it is just a Gen 2 x1 channel ( And you need an optional IO board to get physical slots). Other Raspberry Pi models can use SATA drives with SATA to USB adapters, but up to 20% of performance will be sacrificed in the process. Advanced users can manually add SATA and AHCI to the kernel before recompiling. But every time there is an update, you need to recompile.


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