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Raspberry Pi makes Game Boy more advanced through game streaming


For many years, gamers have been regretting that they cannot do anything with the Game Boy Advance cable, except for connecting the Game Boy Advance and GameCube consoles to games such as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Four Swords Adventure.But now many prayers have been answered, as a GitHub user Rodrigo Alfonso revealed A way to stream games from your game raspberry pie Run RetroPie to Game Boy Advance.

(Image source: Rodrigo Alfonso)

The software runs on two systems-a ROM for GBA that needs to be flashed to a compatible cassette tape, and a Linux application for Raspberry Pi. The GBA link cable is soldered to the Pi’s GPIO pins and it takes advantage of the fact that the Nintendo 2001 handheld device supports multiple serial communication modes, including the 2Mbps “normal” mode with bidirectional 32-bit transmission. This allows the GBA to be subordinate to the Pi, mirror its video output (120 x 80 pixels, half of the screen’s native resolution) and return its control input via the same cable.


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